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Preserving history in digital form

Dan Solomon from co.create looks at how UNESCO is preserving history by capturing lost cultural monuments in digital form. Read full story

Crowdsourced Design: Why Los Angeles is asking the public to create the library of the future

Candice Mack blogs at GOOD about an interesting new initiative by the Los Angeles Public Library to crowdsource a vision of its future. By getting the input of More...

Study: transit Apps make us happier commuters

A study of two crowdsourcing apps suggests that a better digital infrastructure for commuters could improve urban transit overall. We know that we tend to More...

A new platform for real charity online

It’s not crowdfunding a project. Sometimes people just need help paying for health care or food. HopeMob can connect needy users to people on the More...

A crowdsourced hyperlocal city guide, coming to you soon

A website from Davis, California–updated by its citizens–has become a vital source of news and information about the city. Now that platform is expanding around More...