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If the ‘gig economy’ is booming, why is ‘freelance’ still considered a dirty word associated with failure?

“Freelance is kind of a dirty word now; it sounds like what you do in between jobs,” says Ryan Emberley, a 30-year-old society and celebrity More...

Going to college is worth it, study finds

A new study provides a dramatic answer to the question nagging potential college students: Is college worth it? The short answer is yes, according to More...

The Higher ED Blog: Newcomers are helping rural communities more than you think

Canada, as we know it today, was built on natural resources. From the early days of fish and beavers to today’s oil and gems, natural More...

Fortune 500 Company Breaks Ground on $115M Project in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

United Technologies Corp.’s Climate Controls and Security division broke ground on Tuesday on its $115 million headquarters and building innovation showcase facility in Palm Beach More...

Job growth for new college grads

Marilyn Geewax from NPR looks at the sudden surge in hiring new college grads, despite slower job growth in April. Read full story

From coal to code

Erica Peterson from NPR looks at the growing number of laid-off coal miners in Kentucky who are finding unexpected careers in coding. Read full story

Millennials, the largest US generation

Ben Schiller from Fastcoexist looks at how millennials are now the largest generation living in the United States. Read full story

Why gender parity could be a massive boost to the GDP

Lydia Dishman from Fast Company looks at how gender equality could add trillions to the worldwide economy and why we are holding back. Read the More...

Best jobs in Canada for 2016

Canadian Business recently released the best jobs in Canada for 2016. Read the full story

Are university degrees still useful?

The idea that a university degree in Canada will automatically get you a prestigious and high paying job has arguably been debunked – leading many More...

Working in 2020

What will your job look like in the future? Markedly different, according to the World Economy Forum’s recent report, ‘The Future of Jobs and Skills,’ More...

These are the industries with the most jobs

Lydia Dishman at Fast Company examines a recent report that highlights which jobs are in demand and where. Topping the list is a rise in More...