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Review: “The Leap”

If the recent global recession and economic turmoil are going to teach us anything, it should be that business as usual is not going to More...

No jobs, no problem for youth entrepreneurs

The values and priorities of Gen Y-ers may have significant impacts on housing and land use patterns.

Revitalizing the Rust Belt

The declining fortunes of rural one-industry towns is a common story throughout much of Canada and the United States.

The importance of small business to our economy

I recently came across two resources that quantify the importance of small business to the economy.

Review: “What’s the Economy For, Anyway?”

The Great Recession and current economic instability have raised many questions about how to revive the economy and create jobs. For some, however, economic recovery More...

Is economic development too trendy?

We spend a lot of time in our line of work reading reports, publications and articles that detail the trends and opportunities.

Review: “The End of Growth”

The work of economic developers and community builders is often focused on one end deliverable: creating jobs in our respective communities. This has been the More...

Municipal Cultural Planning: A Toolkit for Ontario Municipalities

More and more municipalities across the country are turning to municipal cultural planning to leverage local cultural assets to support economic and broader community development More...

Review: 13 Ways to Kill Your Community

This book is written for small town residents with the desire to make a difference in their community, but who aren’t quite sure what to More...

Housing Gen Y: Experience, not expanse

Recently Neil Takamoto of Cooltown Beta Communities wrote a blog post about housing trends and the preferences of “Gen Y”.