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No jobs, no problem for youth entrepreneurs

The values and priorities of Gen Y-ers may have significant impacts on housing and land use patterns.

The importance of small business to our economy

I recently came across two resources that quantify the importance of small business to the economy.

Review: “Steve Jobs”

Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs was truly one of this generation’s greatest entrepreneurs and innovators, creating two cutting edge companies (Apple andPixar) and changing how we More...

Review: “The Age of Persuasion”

Some of you may have heard CBC Radio One’s outstanding series “The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture”, now in its fourth season More...

Review: “Six Pixels of Separation”

Many economic developers are struggling to find a niche on Facebook and YouTube.  Mitch Joel, the founder of Montreal-based online marketing company Twist Image suggests that this is just soooo 2006. In More...

Review: “PR 2.0”

Whether you are plugged into every social network out there or you don’t know what tweeting is, the growing importance of social media in our More...