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Mary Kuna

Mary Kuna

Mary Kuna discovered her passion for economic development growing up in the old industrial northeast corner of Pennsylvania. Surrounded by the remnants of the coal, iron and the railroad industries, Mary became fascinated with understanding the complex nature of economies and community lifecycles. Her first work in economic development came while working as an intern with the University of Scranton after graduating with her B.S. in Political Science. She researched and developed strategies for improving community relations with respect to off-campus student housing. She expanded her interest in economic development while pursuing her M.A. at the University of Delaware and has remained active in a variety of economic development program development since. Currently, Mary is the Market Development Manager with Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. She specializes in site selection, business attraction, economic impact analysis, redevelopment programming and town/gown relationship development. Twitter: @MsMerryEliseLinkedIn

Articles Posted by Mary Kuna

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