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Jason Dias

Jason Dias

Jason is the Rick Grimes to the suburban apocalypse (AMC's Walking Dead). He has been dedicated to seeking out the perfect city ever since the days of SimCity 3000. Fascinated by the ever growing technologies that are influencing the design and feel of cities today, Jason is constantly expanding his knowledge and applying it to his projects. As a Development Analyst with Millier Dickinson Blais, Jason has turned to cultural and economic planning and their implications for creative placemaking in cities across North America. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Urban and Regional Planning program, Jason can be found at various planning and economic development events in Toronto—always ready to spark a conversation. He is also a member of the EDCO Young Professionals Network. LinkedIn

Articles Posted by Jason Dias

A cultural turn in planning

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Detroit’s “dead” proposal

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How do you cool a desert city that uses no carbon emissions?

The picture above is in fact a giant air conditioner. Now this tower isn’t your typical AC – it doesn’t have a compressor or coils, nor More...