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Darren Shock

Darren Shock

Darren Shock, a senior consultant in the Hamilton office, joined Millier Dickinson Blais in 2009 with a background as a land use planning consultant and economic development researcher. He completed his Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Honours Planning) at the University of Waterloo in 2006, along with a Diploma of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). At Millier Dickinson Blais, Darren has worked with communities across Canada ranging in size from capital cities to rural hamlets, on projects ranging from economic development and sector-based strategies to industrial land needs analysis and organizational performance measurement. Darren’s background as a planning consultant with Armstrong Hunter & Associates often provides him with a unique perspective on the interaction between land use planning priorities and economic policy development; particularly the need to ensure that planning policies are aligned with socio-economic and market conditions. His time in the Economic Development Department at the City of Barrie provided valuable experience from a municipal perspective, particularly in economic development marketing and the applications of GIS in economic development. Maintaining professional development interests in both economic development and planning, Darren is currently working towards becoming a Registered Professional Planner and certified Economic Developer. Originally from Hamilton, Darren currently lives in Guelph with wife Kelly, and particularly enjoys cycling and other outdoor opportunities in the surrounding areas. LinkedIn

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