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Ready to Give the Presentation of Your Life? “ED TALKS” Nominations Are Now Open

Do you have a new, influential idea about economic development? Do you want to share your perspective with the world? This could be your opportunity. More...

Five awesome solar projects around the world

Solar energy continues to grow as an area of research for scientists around the world. It is an important renewable energy source and alternative to More...

Is 2186 the year for equal pay?

Today, findings show that women are outperforming men in postsecondary in North America, and are more likely to graduate from college and university. According to More...

Wearable tech next big thing at work

Instead of being glued to your phone, you can now be hands-free with the latest wearable tech gadgets. It is estimated that over 81 million More...

Canada needs universal income now!

Having a paycheck that is guaranteed no matter what sounds nice, right? It may be time to move to Finland. Finland has started a “radical More...

USDOT program assists states cities

Last summer, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the creation of the Build America Bureau. It was heralded as a one-stop shop More...

The four worlds of income inequality

Frank Jacobs from Big Think looks at how data from the World Bank was used to subdivide the world into four incomes. Read full story

Job growth for new college grads

Marilyn Geewax from NPR looks at the sudden surge in hiring new college grads, despite slower job growth in April. Read full story

From coal to code

Erica Peterson from NPR looks at the growing number of laid-off coal miners in Kentucky who are finding unexpected careers in coding. Read full story

Millennials, the largest US generation

Ben Schiller from Fastcoexist looks at how millennials are now the largest generation living in the United States. Read full story

Canada’s rank in cost competitiveness

The Globe and Mail looks at KPMG’s recent report, which ranks Canada as the second most competitive market among 10 leading industrial markets. Read full More...

Canadian income study: rich stay rich, poor stay poor

Daniel Tencer from Huff Post looks at a new study that shows it’s getting harder for Canadians to move up the income ladder. Read full More...