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Community Facilitators

Our Community Facilitators keep running. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact them.

Our community facilitators

Tarryn Landman

Tarryn is the Communications Manager at MDB Insight, where she’s able to explore her interests in social media, mass media, communications, design, Googling things, and helping people and communities grow. She works on a number of communications initiatives for the firm, including “This is Not a Newsletter”, the annual national salary survey and the Employment Development Index.

Outside the office, she is usually pursuing her love of good books, quirky TV comedies, yarn-related crafts and the Internet.

Tarryn takes care of most of the day to day running of She loves hearing from community members, so if you have questions or comments, please drop her a line at

Austin Hracs

Austin Hracs is a Torontonian. He is fascinated by the “mish mashed” look and feel of Toronto, its people and built environment. Toronto’s multiculturalism has shaped Austin’s personal and professional views. He is open-minded and is always up for a healthy debate. As a Senior Consultant with MDB Insight, Austin is a news junky and enjoys applying the latest theory or idea to his projects. Day to day he can be found working on municipal economic development strategies, cultural plans, feasibility studies or some variation of all three.

When not working, Austin is active playing basketball, coaching soccer, walking trails with his beautiful fiancée or relaxing with friends and family.