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Generation Z – What to expect

Laura Fuller / March 10, 2017

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Generation Z – What to expect

By 2020, people born after 1995 will account for one-third of the United States population. Many of these people are preparing to enter the workforce. They are finishing up university degrees, being trained at apprenticeships, and gaining skills at internships. Some of them have already entered the workforce and are actively contributing to the economy.

Employers want to be well-informed to be prepared for hiring individuals from Generation Z. As such a significant portion of the world’s population is the next in line to start work, what should employers expect?

Contrary to popular beliefs that Gen Z workers are lazy, they are actually ready to work hard for their money. People born in this time period witnessed their caregivers struggling with finances during The Great Recession. This means that a lot of youth had to get part-time jobs to help save money for their education, spend money on themselves, or, in some cases, support their families.

As Generation Z individuals have grown up, they have been constantly exposed to technologies of various forms. The older individuals born in the mid-90s have been exposed to older forms of technology such as VHS videos, CD-ROMs, and diskettes. This contrasts with those who were born in the later part of the generation, where they immediately were introduced to wireless technologies that are commonly used. Millennials display a flexibility that has yet to be demonstrated by those who were born directly into the technology.

Gen Z vs. Millennials

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Despite the various differences, Generation Z and Millennials are both diversely skilled in communicating effectively. Workers with diverse skills effectively contribute to an organization’s success, allowing for innovation and less expenses.

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