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How Fab Labs are changing consumer culture

Laura Fuller / February 15, 2017

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How Fab Labs are changing consumer culture

What are Fab Labs?

Fabrication labs, also known as fab labs, utilize flexible technology and equipment to make the design, creation, and distribution process of goods more effective. Microprocessors, 3D printers, CNC machines, and cutting tools, such as a plasma or laser cutter, are all popular technologies that are used in these fabrication labs.

FabMarket flips the notion of outsourced labour on its head. Instead of corporations seeking labourers from outside countries, FabMarket allows for customers to purchase products in three different ways – ready for use, ready for assembly, and ready for fabrication.

Each of the three options for delivery provides the consumer and producer with varying levels of convenience. For example, ready for use items are instances in which the customer pays full price for an item, whereas ready for assembly cut back on not only labour costs for the producer, but also allows consumers to save money.

Why do Fab labs matter?

Fab labs provide opportunities for businesses of various sizes to invest in a growing industry that meets popular demands. The business opportunities that FabMarket provides for small-scale producers especially are phenomenal.

Not only do fab labs function as a support for small business owners, they are environmentally effective as well. There are currently fab labs on every continent except for Antarctica, and over 1000 worldwide, meaning that they can be found in large quantities distributed all over the globe. Since fab labs are so dispersed, many can be found in major metropolises, which mean less long-distance shipping. As they are on every continent, fab labs can ensure no overseas shipping costs depending on where a person orders their product.

Immersed in the 21st century DIY culture, fab labs emphasize the ability for a person to create their own goods with the right technology. Using fab labs, companies no longer have to go through an outsourced manufacturing process; instead, smart technology does the work for the organization.

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