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Wearable tech next big thing at work

Angela Thibert / January 12, 2017

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Wearable tech next big thing at work

Instead of being glued to your phone, you can now be hands-free with the latest wearable tech gadgets. It is estimated that over 81 million adults will be using wearable technology by 2018.

This technology is now being introduced into the workplace and allowing us to work smarter. Wearable technology isn’t just for personal health and fitness anymore; this type of technology should be adopted into all fields because of its positive effects.

Wearable technologies are making employees more involved in the workplace and feel included. Over the next 5 years, wearable technology will be included in more corporate health and wellness plans. The healthier employees are, the more they can and will want to give back to the company. Wearable technology can have a drastic effect on employee morale, which in turn can improve loyalty and decrease turnover. They are also proven to make employees happier, more productive, and efficient.

These gadgets are also making it easier for employees to stay in contact with each other and know what is going on.   A recent study found that wearable technology is mostly being used for security reasons, time management, and real-time communication.

Almost 80% of employers that have adopted wearable technology report an increase in overall business performance. In order to maintain a competitive edge, more and more businesses will be adopting these gadgets. Who knows, they might be coming to your workplace?



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