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The Higher ED Blog: 6 Signs That You Need To Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

Intelegia / May 9, 2016

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The Higher ED Blog: 6 Signs That You Need To Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

Intelegia’s Isabelle Poirier will be leading three sessions at our Social Media for Economic Developers seminar, coming up on May 26 and 27. It will be a great opportunity to breathe new life into your social media presence for your economic development agency and learn from the leading experts in the field of digital marketing for economic development.

Investing time and money into a social media presence for an economic development agency is always an ongoing challenge.   Once agencies establish their footprint on selected platforms, there is the essential task of monitoring and benchmarking performance of the channels in the context of achieving strategic and marketing objectives.  For some agencies, not obtaining the desired results should lead to a rethink of their social media strategy.

Below is a checklist of six signs economic development professionals can use to identify some of the factors that will play a role in revamping their strategy and executing a successful social media plan

  1. Your organization’s objectives have changed

In a perfect world, an agency’s strategic objectives should be in-sync with what is being executed in the field and or online.  In reality, there can be a disconnect amongst the three elements which will ultimately lead to ineffective marketing activities.  In the case of implementing a social media strategy, any shift in the strategic direction will impact the performance of the digital marketing presence for the agency.  As a result, time is needed to review the process of how to rebuild and execute a strategy that is coherent to reach present objectives.  This particular process is summarized via Intelegia’s 4A Approach.  (The 4A Approach will be discussed on Day 2 of the seminar.)

  1. Effective use of digital marketing platforms by competing agencies

Regions that are vying for the attention of investors and site selectors will seek to have the best digital footprint to promote their brand.    Agencies that represent these regions can be identified by using different metrics in a benchmark exercise.  Best practices must be considered as the standard where your agency should aspire to be if your social media channels are not achieving your goals.

  1. You have a lack of content to post on your channels

Struggling with finding relevant content to post on social media?  Your agency is not alone.  Keeping updated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds is a big challenge.   To attempt to overcome the challenge, a new content strategy must be created.   The process of creating a content strategy needs the input of all stakeholders within your agency to ensure that brand messaging is consistent via all marketing vehicles.

  1. Level of engagement is not what it used to be

Remember the days when your posts used to get several “likes”, retweets and comments?  If your answer is “Yes”, then it is the time to shake things up in your social media strategy.    To increase your level of engagement, become familiar with your core target audience members and identify what kind of content they are seeking to facilitate their decision making to reach their respective objectives.

  1. Your resources have been reduced

Dealing with budget cuts and less personnel to get things done in an economic development agency is never easy, especially when it comes to executing a marketing strategy.     In the context of managing a social media presence, making do with fewer resources must prompt you to adapt your approach to be effective and efficient when it comes to curating and sharing content and engaging the right individuals amongst followers on the social media channels.

  1. Not seeing the return on investment

For some agencies, not seeing a return on investment after a few years from a social media initiative can be a tough thing to face.    Whether it be a lack of site selectors calling your agency or low visits to a blog focusing on various aspects of your region, taking the opportunity to hit the “Pause” button on the execution of the plan should not be taken for granted.    With an objective point-of-view, examine the weaknesses in your plan and address them with appropriate resources.

Want know more?

These key issues and more will be elaborated on during the two-day seminar.  Either join the seminar online or even better, in-person where you will get to network with other professionals and keep the discussion going with the speakers after the seminar.  Click here to register.


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