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As we wrap another year here at, I wanted to highlight ten of the most popular posts from 2015 (so far) and thank the authors for being a part of the community.

10. The Higher ED Blog: Can residential development contribute to downtown revitalization? by Tara Vinodrai

9. The Ponzi scheme of urban sprawl? by 

8. The Higher ED Blog: Six lessons for improving collaboration across the urban-rural divide by Danielle Collins

7. The Higher ED Blog: Nine ways economic developers can use social media by 

6. How to make community engagement work in your community by Brittany Bruce, Ryan Lipcsei and Tara Vinodrai

5. The Higher ED Blog: Anatomy of business incubation in Canada by Tara Vinodrai

4. The Higher ED Blog: What’s new in economic development research (summer 2015 edition) by 

3. Creating place value: Attracting and retaining businesses and talent by Alison Berry, Community Builders

2. The Higher ED Blog: Incubators generate results but still might not be worth the investment by Catherine Oosterbaan

1. How to attract people to your city (and it’s not just about jobs) by 

Have a safe and restful holiday season!


3 responses to “The top 10 (so far) of 2015”

  1. James A. says:

    Ooh nice list! Missed #1 (attracting people to your city). Really enjoyed it; very eye opening.

  2. Fred Franks says:

    A lot of great articles there, I read several of them and they are very interesting reads! Keep up the great work.

  3. John Ocala says:

    Love the Neil O’Farrell blog, very good read!