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Energy Efficient Electricity

/ November 25, 2015

Green 15

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re certainly interested in knowing ways to improve the energy efficiency levels in your home. No one wants to pay more than necessary on power bills. Additionally, many individuals are concerned about conserving natural resources and wish to live a “greener” lifestyle. This is important now more than ever, which is the reason many utility companies are looking at alternative energy sources as viable options.

One way to increase the energy efficiency in your home is to select appliances and accessories designed to meet that need. One shopping expedition or online search should prove that the trend toward energy efficient products is at an all-time high. You will find a broad assortment of items worth considering, from clothes dryers to refrigerators to lightbulbs. The following are some of the top products that could save your household money and help make the world a greener place.

Clothes Dryers

A great strategy for conserving energy is to purchase products that have been approved by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s EnergyStar program. This program was created to help save precious resources, and its website offers consumers a wealth of information on which appliances have the Energy Star label, which means they are manufactured with energy efficiency in mind.

One example of an appliance that might have an Energy Star label is a program-certified clothes dryer. Dryers that have been certified by the program are 20 percent more efficient than others. As such, a dryer of this type is made with unique technology, such as moisture sensors that shut the appliance off once the clothes inside are dry. This could save your household a great deal on your power bill every month.


If you haven’t replaced an old refrigerator yet, you are probably spending far more every month in electricity than you should be. A new model can actually use 75 percent less power than one manufactured a few decades ago. Also, try to buy a refrigerator that fits what you actually need – this will help to reduce your energy consumption even more. If the unit you choose is Energy Star approved, you will save even more electricity (and money) overall.


Another way to conserve power and household finances is to purchase the right kinds of lighting accessories. The top accessory on this list should be the lightbulb because this is an affordable item that may be used in every home. LED lights have changed the way that countless consumers think about lightbulbs. They are very durable, which means you will be much less likely to replace broken bulbs than you would traditional lightbulbs. They are also highly energy efficient; in fact, many LED lightbulbs are 80 percent more efficient than the incandescent varieties.

Saving money on home utilities can be challenging, but an excellent way to start is by assessing the appliances and accessories in your home. If you aren’t using Energy Star appliances or LED lightbulbs, you’re probably not saving as much money or power as you could. By replacing old products with more efficient ones, you will do your part to maximize natural resources and save your household money.

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