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How Your Actions Affect Your Employment And Finances

/ October 15, 2015


What you do each and every day can have an affect on your life, your job, your finances, and even your health. The choices that you make can determine the outcome of your day. This is why so many people work hard at doing the right things, but sometimes mistakes are made.

Here are some things that you may not even thinking about when you get up each day, but can change your life forever. You may think differently about your everyday actions if you realized the things you might lose if you made the wrong choice.

The Safety Of Your Home

You wake up in the morning, make coffee and cook breakfast. If it’s a work day you might be in a hurry. What happens if you forget to turn off the stove before you leave for work? An average of seven people die per day in house fires in the U.S.

It kind of makes you want to slow down a little, right? While your home may be insured, if you left family members in bed when you left they could have been permanently injured or killed. You may be spending money on medical bills for the rest of your life, not to mention the cost if your home wasn’t insured.

When You’re On The Road

Driving comes with even more moments to make a mistake, in which the driver (possibly you) could get in an accident and hurt someone, become permanently disabled, or even cause someone’s death (possibly your own). There are a million different ways things could go wrong, which is why vehicle insurance and good old common sense are important for drivers.

Speeding is one of the most common causes of accidents. Other common causes or drunk driving and distracted driving. Depending on the mistake, you could lose you license, your insurance rates could skyrocket, and you may spend a lot of time in jail or in court, which could lead to job loss.

Choices You Make At Work

No matter what you do for a living, sleep is probably a pretty good requirement. It is especially important for people that drive for a living, are doctors, and people that work with heavy machinery. If you go to work tired you could harm someone else, or yourself.

While your employer may have worker’s compensation, if your accident is the fault of your own incompetence you might not get any coverage from your employer and it’s pretty likely you’ll lose your job. If you lost an arm, or something else that can leave you permanently disabled your entire life could be flipped upside down.

Obviously, what you do each day could change your life, and your finances. So make sure you’re insured, and make sure you do what you can to be smart and safe, at home and away from home!


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