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How Efficiency Has Evolved: The Newest Developments In Fabric Treatments

/ September 18, 2015


How our fabrics are engineered has definitely come a long way since the cotton gin.  Most of us don’t really think of fabrics and fibers in the same category with technology, but you would be amazed by all the things your fabric can withstand with just a simple specialized treatment.  By treating your carpets or furniture, you will greatly enhance the quality, safety, and lifespan of your materials.  Over time, this will save you money, and possibly even make you money if you choose to sell you home.  Here are a few of the newest developments in fabric treatments available on the market today.  

A*Star Research

This is a cool piece of technological evolution.  Researchers from Singapore have discovered that if they add different colored dyes to the diet of silkworms, they will produce colored silk.  This is a way more environmentally friendly way to create colored fabrics.  Scientists have also found that altering the feed and color of the silkworms and their silk doesn’t hurt the worm or change the quality of the fabric produced.  This method of production is not only eco-friendly, but it’s quite interesting as well!

Fire Resistant Fabric Treatment

There are companies that provide fabric treatment services.  Fireproofing is one of the safety measures they can perform for your fabrics.  Oftentimes schools and public building codes require flame retardant fabrics for safety purposes.  The treatment will strengthen the fabric on your furniture, while still blocking the ability of a flame to penetrate through to the cushioning.  This will help to reduce damages and costs should a fire occur in the building.    

Vinylized Fabric

Laminating your fabrics and giving them a vinyl finish will instantly provide stain and spill proofing for your most a delicate fabrics.  It will also protect against normal wear and tear, and extend the lifespan of your fabrics overall.  Vinyl is an extremely versatile treatment and will allow you to treat almost any type of fabrics you may want to protect.  The best benefit of all is that your fabrics will become easy to clean and maintain.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Everyone loves a good whitewashed pair of jeans, or maybe you just enjoy a soft denim against your skin.  Ever wonder how big companies obtain these effects?  Instead of wasting a whole bunch of water washing and washing the denim to get the worn and soft combination for your jeans, there’s a new more eco-friendly way  to age the denim.  It’s a big sort of dryer filled with soft stones.  They just put the jeans in there, and run it for a while.  Then, boom, a white-washed, soft pair of wearable jeans.  


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