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Create win-win-win results with employer engagement

/ September 25, 2015


Create win-win-win results with employer engagement

There’s no universal solution to bringing job seekers and employers together. It’s not simply a relationship between labour supply and labour demand; it requires the commitment of government to support relevant programs and services and the creativity of intermediaries to help employers access local talent. 

Employment support networks, often non-profits, are mandated to help employers access local talent to meet skill needs. For job developers, career developers, and local employment support organizations, being equipped with the right tools is a key success factor.

Recognizing employer engagement as a priority, governments and otherintermediaries have released some useful resources and launched initiatives related to the topic. Take a look at these examples from the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

One such resource is a guidebook titled Strategic Employer Engagement: Building Dynamic Relationships with Employers in Teen and Young Adult Employment Programs. While targeting youth and young adults it offers concepts and approaches that can be adapted to other contexts. To take learning to a higher level, Workforce180, a workforce development training provider, is now offering is Employer Engagement Certification in Canada. I’ll be helping to facilitate a webinar on employer engagement on October 1st, 2015. Join the conversation to share your employer engagement experiences and questions.

The bottom line is that employer engagement connects people to jobs, a win-win-win scenario for job seekers, employers and the economy.

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