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5 Tips for Developing Brand Recognition     

/ September 22, 2015


brand recognition

In terms of economic development of a company, brand recognition is one of the more important things that you can focus on. Everyone is familiar with what a successfully brand looks like – consider Coke, Nike, Disney, etc. – but small to mid-level companies might be feeling a little lost about how to reach that stage.

To help formulate a brand recognition plan, consider these five tips – be approachable for interviews, make sure to remain consistent among social platforms, be sure to be easy to contact, try to innovate more than similar brands, and be prepared to handle sudden success.

Be Approachable for Interviews   

As the owner of a company, being open for interviews will always help your brand recognition. For example, interviews with the owner of Park West Gallery open up a whole new realm of readership exploring the history and purpose of the brand. Any company allowing similar exposure can add a very important human element to their concept, and people will have a much better time connecting with the product or service than a competitor who has no backstory available.

Consistency Among Social Platforms Is a Must   

Brands are recognized as a conglomeration of colors, shape, style, and texture. When researching brand designs, you’ll note that consistency is always the key in terms of recognition. It doesn’t do any company any good to put themselves out there is multiple social platforms in different ways, because they’ll just confuse their audience and leave them scratching their heads thinking ‘is this actually the same brand, or is it part of a different company?’

Make Yourself Easy To Contact   

Outside of the design aspects, you’ll help your brand recognition out if you make yourself easy to contact. This is all about establishing the trust factor for your brand. You can have fancy graphics and great advertising, but if people can’t contact the man behind the curtain, there are always other companies they can choose to deal with that are more transparent.

Innovate More than Similar Brands   

If you’re willing to innovate with your brand and brand identity, that gives you an advantage over other similar companies that aren’t as flexible. There are countless examples of small, creative companies overtaking certain industrial corners simply because they’re willing to experiment and listen to feedback. It becomes part of their brand that they are willing to push boundaries.

Prepare Yourself for Success      

As you’re developing the economics of your brand recognition plan, realize that if your idea, product, or service catches on fast, you have to be able to deal with that success. If you don’t have a plan for scaled infrastructure, you can lose a lot of momentum very quickly.


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