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Developing the Intrinsic Value of Memories

/ May 21, 2015

One of the first times that many people start thinking about the logistics of death is when their parents start getting older. As adults, there’s typically less of the fear of death and dying that is more prevalent in the teenage years, and thoughts can turn to more positive aspects of the end of life, along with the practical aspects that go along with it.

In order to make sure that you maintain the value and depth of certain relationships, there are a number of functional things to keep in mind when dealing with death and its related activities including choosing a final resting place, thinking about the value of memorial presentation, earth-centered funeral decisions, and being open to technology giving opportunities for memory as well.

Choosing Your Final Resting Place     

One important conversation to have with parents, children, spouses, and other family is what kind of final resting place everyone wants to have. Two typical options are a casket burial or cremation. However, beyond those, there are alternative options that should be considered for people who want something specific. Having a blunt conversation about the topic will allow everyone to get their wishes known, as opposed to their being tension about it later on in conversation or practical application.

The Value of Presentation      

Upon cremation, there’s the question of what to do with ashes. Some will have them scattered out around their favorite places. Others will place ashes in a handcrafted urn. The value at that point is to the family left behind, and money is typically not a consideration when it comes to this type of presentation. However the family wants to remember, through color, shape, texture, placement; those are the only things that become important at that moment, and they should be adjusted to based on conversations and wants of the family, mixed with the wishes of the deceased.

Earth-centered Decisions

An option that is being considered more now, at least in theory, is to be a little more earth-centric with burial processes. There are plans to open up options to be buried under a specific tree that will become a sacred place for families. This is as opposed to the typical casket burial option, where nature isn’t really prioritized.

Technology To Present More Options

In addition, modern technology can even use your ashes to make objects. One company allows you to be absorbed into a vinyl record. Another turns your ashes into a diamond or other stone. These are very creative ways to allow people to hold on to the memories of their loved ones without having to go through traditional expenses and matters of social norms they may choose to deviate from eventually.

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