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5 Types of Business Support Every Startup Needs

/ September 30, 2014

Even if you’re a tech startup, there are countless techies tasks you’ll probably need to outsource. Budgets are tight, and startup employees are famous for being forced to wear a number of hats. However, employing a DIY approach can sink a startup faster than an investor who pulls funding at the last minute. A better approach is budgeting for business support solutions so founders and employees can focus on their own jobs.

Not sure where to get started? Here are some of the first types of business support solutions new businesses should consider. Maybe you don’t know how important memory storage capacities or search engine optimization is right now, but it’s much easier and more affordable to start a company with them than try to squeeze them in later.

1. Accounting, A/P and A/R

There’s a reason you can get a degree in accounting: It’s not easy and one “simple” mistake can destroy a business. There’s also a lot of legalese that gets mixed up in accounting, and once you get knee-deep into it, it’s all going to start looking like a foreign language. Don’t depend on an “easy” software to DIY, and instead hire a pro.

2. Web design and development

This can be just one person or an entire team. However, a savvy business owner will hire a firm or create their own a la carte freelance team to make sure there’s a pro in charge of mobile readiness, search engine optimization, the actual design, A/B testing on a regular basis and monitoring any hosting or other needs.

3. Human resources

Your startup might not be big enough to have an HR team of your own (yet), but you can certainly outsource it. Let someone else take care of hiring, benefits, making sure the company abides by all applicable laws, and the like. This is another field where you can get a degree in it.

4. Professional writing

One of the most overlooked of skills, just because someone writes a good blog doesn’t mean they’re a content writer. It doesn’t mean they’re familiar with writing meta tags or LSEO. Hire a writer based on your needs and their experience in a specific field.

5. Management consultant

Unless one of the founders has a strong background in business management, this isn’t something they’re going to do well right off the bat. It takes years of experience and skill building. Bringing in a management consultant can help you avoid common mistakes and ensure the business doesn’t fall flat.


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