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Successful Entreprenuers of Palm Beach County

Kristen Boyd / July 15, 2014

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Successful Entreprenuers of Palm Beach County

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County hosted an Entrepreneur Luncheon on Thursday, June 26, 2014.  It was an event to recognize and support entrepreneurs throughout Palm Beach County. The keynote speaker was Chris Heivly, co-founder of MapQuest.  As he shared his personal journey to success, he inspired nearly 150 people in the room.  “People’s fear gets in the way because they are trying to build the business they see 3-5 years from now,” said Chris Heivly, speaking about what it takes to be successful.

In addition to Chris Heivly, there was a panel of 3 other successful Entrepreneurs in Palm Beach County.  Chris Chilvers developed and marketed navigation devices called the Loran-Card and later the GPS-Card.  He eventually developed the first affordable UV surface-to-air sanitizing product to save lives from MRSA.  Nancy Eichler was the first official Brownie Brittle employee joining forces with Sheila G. Mains, the company’s Founder and product creator. Randy Webb created Source One Distributers specializing in military unique items, tactical gear and safety related products; Where Mr. Webb is the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer.

This is a great example of the talent pool and drive that Palm Beach County has to offer.  It has continued to be a location made for success.

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