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4 Mobile Services That Are Transforming Customer Service

/ June 20, 2014

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Customer service representatives are finding that their workflows are shifting with the times. Mobile technologies are being embraced by customer service departments because that’s where consumers are headed.

Widespread use of smartphones and tablets is transforming the way we resolve issues: They allow customers to solve problems while they’re on the go. Take a look at these four ways mobile devices and apps are revolutionizing the practice of customer service.

1. Virtual helpdesks

Remember the days of clunky web-based helpdesks that were only accessible from certain computer browsers? Now you don’t need to be at a desk to manage tickets, complaints, and customer profiles.

Apps such as ZenDesk make it easy for support professionals to tackle grievances and questions from any location, just using a smartphone app. This enables your customers to get assistance at any hour of the day.

2. Instant messages

Increasing numbers of consumers, especially millennials, feel they can express themselves better via text message. For one thing, instant messaging allows them to avoid having to suffer through the awkwardness and frustration of a phone conversation, or the uncertain time frame of email.

CIO magazine revealed that Cox Communications has been using an enterprise instant messaging system to resolve technical issues that customers were having. This can dramatically cut down on call waits and resolve issues more swiftly.

3. Live chats

Live support chat is another comforting conversation medium used by tech companies, because it assures customers their questions are being addressed in the moment. Systems like Zoho’s LiveDesk let your customer service reps take part in live chat sessions directly from a mobile app.

Some of these systems even have integrated qualities similar to an SMS conversation, which allows customers to see when someone has viewed their message and when a response is being typed.

4. Flexible email responses

Some companies receive the same questions every day, and they can’t afford the time or labor to send out the same answers over and over. This is where an email responder comes in handy.

Mobile tools such as FAQ use a database of answers to respond intelligently to customer questions, while being able to personalize the responses a little bit. This gives the automated replies more of a human feel while addressing customer questions.

Customer service is now a multifaceted effort. It allows companies to connect with consumers in person, over the phone, and through their mobile device screens.

Make sure that your customer service team is equipped with economical phones that enable your firm to address client needs without straining your resources.

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