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Our top 10 posts of 2013

/ January 6, 2014

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Our top 10 posts of 2013

Over the last year, we’ve heard from many truly wonderful contributors. With 2013 over and 2014 beginning, we would like to take a look back and share our most viewed post of 2013, starting with:

10) Where, oh where, are the best examples of bountiful place/ destination/ nation branding? by Michael Haywood.

Michael discusses how communities can create a brand identity for themselves, and considers how countries like Canada are going about the process of branding.

9) Place brands exist in the mind of the citizen by Kadie Ward.

Kadie writes about the concept of a brand in relation to cities, and the ways in which citizens can either help or hinder the creation of a place’s brand name.

8) Urbanization and local economic development by Kadie Ward.

In this post, Kadie writes about globalization and the impact this phenonmenon has had on economic development.

7) So exactly what does the customer want? Response from a literary/ cultural tourist by Nigel Beale.

Nigel wrote to us to respond to an earlier series of posts written by Steven Thorne about the desire for cultural enrichment while traveling, and brings the perspective of a “literary tourist” to the conversation.

6) Expatriate attraction: Economic development for ugly towns by Michelle Madden.

Michelle wrote about the process of redeveloping a waterfront, and discusses how some cities and states are making a great effort to bring expatriates to their locations.

5) Testing tactics for heritage tourism by Clark Hoskin.

Clark brought us a discussion about how there has been a gradual shift towards incorporating heritage as a part of a location’s tourism effort.

4) The changing face of rural economic development by Jeff Dixon.

Jeff wrote to us about The Monieson Centre and three main priorities Ontario’s rural communities can consider when approaching economic development.

3) Featured Contributor: Steven Thorne by Tarryn Landman.

In our third most read article this year, Tarryn had a chance to chat with Steven Thorne, a regular contributor here at, and wrote about his history in the field of place-based cultural tourism.

2) Nation branding and diplomacy: brands and trade by Kadie Ward.

Our second most read article of 2013 was brought to us by Kadie, and she writes about the phenomenom of place-branding and the possibility of aligning it with trade and international diplomacy.

1) Small town economic development more difficult? by Andrew Redden.

Our most read article of 2013 was written by Andrew, another of our regular contibutors. In this piece, he writes about the difficulties faced by small towns attempting to revitalize their main streets and offers insight into potential solutions.

If you’re interested in becoming an contibutor in 2014, drop us a line at We’d like to thank everyone who contributed this year to, and we look forward to hearing again from you in the new year!

All the best in 2014,

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