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The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Developmentrecently released another resource as part of its Better Life Initiative. You’re probably familiar with the Better Life Index, which we’ve written about recently in TINAN 46, which allows you to rate the factors related to quality of life according to their importance to you. Click here to see a few charts that emphasize different factors. If you’re looking for a county snapshot check out Canada or the USA, or click here for a complete listing of snap shots.

Overall, the Better Life Index is an interesting and useful tool for those in economic and community development, but if you are more interested in the data behind the rankings, the  “ How’s Life? 2013” report provides deeper insight into material living conditions and quality of life issues in both OECD countries and other major economies. The report charts well-being trends and regional differences over time, with a particular focus on “four key cross-cutting issues in well-being”. These are whether well-being has evolved during the global economic crisis, how gender impacts well-being, how well-being can be assessed in the workplace, and how the sustainability of well-being can be defined and measured over time.

You can read the entire report online here.

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