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Burgeoning Business in Brick City: Lessons from

/ September 11, 2013

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Burgeoning Business in Brick City: Lessons from

Pick up any newspaper and its plain to see that mayors in cities everywhere love to announce new policies and attend ribbon cuttings. Putting a spotlight on their city’s redevelopment is something that mayors should be proud about.

But while the glory tends to go to the city’s mayor, efforts by the private sector often fly under the radar. In reality, many cities’ achievements could not be possible without the involvement of the business community. As we’ve noted before, businesses play a critical role in the competitiveness and economic growth of our cities., the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks, relocated its headquarters to Newark, NJ in 2007 in an effort to create local jobs, draw local talent, and revitalize downtown. Starting with just 125 employees, the company now employs over 600 at its Newark location—many of whom are from the inner city neighborhood. And this hiring pattern was intentional.

Don Katz, Founder and CEO of Audible, explains: At the core of why we exist is changing the status quo, and this is just another element of our spirit. We have started to make our Newark-ness a core element of the business. We began to realize that our heart and soul – our sense of consciousness about being part of a community, where we are geographically – had become a core part of who we areRead more.

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