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What do you think about the wealth inequality in the United States?

Amanda Roth / March 5, 2013 /


Do you think that a CEO of a company should be making  380 times more than the average worker in the United States?  The average worker has to work 30 days a month to make the same amount of money that a CEO makes in one hour.  Well this is a true fact that has changed drastically over the years.  In 1976, CEOs (part of the 1% top income) were making 9% of stocks, bonds, and mutual fund, and this figure has skyrocketed up to 24% in 2012.  The only issue with these number is the fact that widening disparity in wealth is in a large part due to deficit spending and inflationary federal policy.

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We need to start facing reality that the wealth distribution and inequality is far off from what we think, and what the overall ideal should be in the United States.  At this time we should take into consideration wealth equality and income equality are closely tied.  It is vital to teach a nation that is hung up on consumer goods a lesson on how to become cheap.  U.S. citizens need to start saving, instead of spending money on everything they like the look of in today’s marketplace.  In the link shown below, you can find more about the history of wealth inequality.

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