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Meet the Avon ladies of solar power

Amanda Roth / March 4, 2013

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The Solar Sisters are eradicating energy poverty in Africa by empowering women with economic opportunities, such as creating a sustainable business that is created by smart investments in entrepreneurial women.  Their aim is to bring light, hope, and opportunity to even the most rural areas of Africa.

The Solar Sisters consider themselves to be the Avon Ladies of clean energy. These women sell solar products using their natural networks by going door-to-door.  They understand the importance of the solar energy and want to get their communities involved.  The energy that is created during the day gives people the ability to work, play, read, study, or charge their cell phones at night.  You can have an impact and eradicate energy poverty today by donating at  Make sure to stay connected to Solar Sisters by following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, and subscribing to their RSS feed.

Check out this video about the Solar Sisters:

Solar Sisters

Here is more information regarding the Solar Sisters:

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