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UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development announces new online courses in Cultural Tourism and Festivals and Events

UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development / February 20, 2013

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UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development announces new online courses in Cultural Tourism and Festivals and Events

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Centre for Cultural Planning and Development is pleased to announce the launch of two new online courses on cultural tourism and festivals and events starting on April 2, 2013.

Cultural Tourism: Impacting Communities Worldwide:

As one of the fastest growing tourism segments, this course explores the importance of cultural tourism to economic and community development, as well as the relationship between cultural assets, the tourism industry, and the local community. Drawing from tourism practitioners, participants learn how to contribute to sustainable and authentic cultural tourism practices, and receive specific instruction on how to develop and implement successful cultural tourism plans.

This course is authored and taught by Cheryl Hargrove, president of HTC Partners, a company specializing in cultural tourism planning, development and marketing services. Clients include National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), and more than 100 countries, states/provinces, cities and regions focusing on culture and heritage assets as a vehicle for positive economic, social and environmental impact. A 30-year travel industry veteran, Hargrove is currently the co-chairman of the Society of American Travel Writers’ Phoenix Committee, former board member of Cultural Tourism DC, a lifetime member of the International Association of Business Communicators, former member of US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Summit Advisory Committee, the U.S. Cultural Heritage Tourism Marketing Council, the America’s Byways Expert Review Panel, and former chair of the Travel Industry Association of America’s Communications Council.

Festivals, Events, and Eventful Communities:

Events such as festivals, exhibitions, shows, fairs and celebrations are powerful tools for attracting visitors, supporting tourism, and creating powerful social and economic opportunities. In this course you learn about different models and approaches to events, the fundamental processes and building blocks for creating, managing and evaluating events, and the different perspectives of policy makers and event managers.

This course is authored and taught by Robert Palmer, past Director of Democratic Governance, Culture and Diversity at the Council of Europe. Palmer’s previous roles have included being Director of two European Capitals of Culture (Glasgow in 1990 and Brussels in 2000), a Director of the Scottish Arts Council, Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Glasgow, and theatre director and policy adviser to various national governments and arts bodies. He is now an independent expert consultant working on projects connected with festivals, cultural policy, cultural regeneration of cities, and the development of the creative economy, across several continents.  He has over 30 years direct experience related to the creation and management of events, ranging from small community celebrations to large-scale international festivals. His most recent book is “Eventful Cities: Cultural Management and Urban Revitalisation” (Elsevier, 2010).

Both courses include interactive discussions, case studies, and group-based learning activities that build on shared interests, place-based experiences, and actual community development opportunities.

For more information and to register please visit the UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development. These courses run from April 2 – June 2, 2013 and are 100% online.

Register by March 15 and save $100 on the standard registration fee.

The UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development provides education and training programs to support the development of a global community of professionals working to advance the cultural sector as a vital component of successful communities and sustainable growth.

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