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Research methodology for international FDI and place branding in Ukraine

/ December 7, 2012

Research methodology for international FDI and place branding in Ukraine

In today’s competitive FDI market, local communities need a realistic and well-structured marketing strategy.  As part of this strategy, cities  need to effectively manage the process of developing a brand and strategy if they want to be competitive in a global market.

Since February 2012 I’ve had the opportunity to work with The Federation of Canadian Municipalities Municipal Local Economic Development Programming teaching place-branding and marketing to twelve Ukrainian municipalities.  With their economies in transition, Ukrainian cities are interested in identifying and defining how they can participate in the global economic development supply chain.

Recently, the MLED Project held a two-day workshop with partner municipalities in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast – Dnipropetrovsk, Nikopol, Kryvyi Rih and Pavlograd – all of whom are currently developing projects with municipal marketing and branding as the priority. The workshop was structured as a step by step introduction to branding/marketing methodology and combined a series of thematic presentations and practical exercises.

Nathan Morrison, Brand Manager, Regina Communications Division, and I  explained how market research is the foundation for branding, and articulated  how to develop and apply it to  municipal branding.

Too often cities forget the roll of market research: data collection and data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and focus group organization when defining their brand or understanding the perception of their assets.

Developing a comprehensive brand and marketing platform for a city requires a fulsome internal and external analysis that includes understanding your citizens perceptions of your city.  Nathan and I demonstrated the importance of looking inward, before speaking externally.

As your city prepares its 2013 marketing plans, I challenge you to look at your 2012 activity. What does that say about your city? How should you position your city within that context, or is it time to change the context?

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