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Latest report from the Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Council

/ December 21, 2012

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Latest report from the Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Council

“The status quo is not an option”, declares the Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Council. In their latest report, found here, the council offers a vision for growth that includes more international trade, increased productivity, more innovation by Ontario businesses and a reinvigorated manufacturing sector. The overriding message of the report is that the need for change is clear. Ontario’s future prosperity will depend on innovative, highly productive firms that are flexible enough to capitalize on opportunities wherever and whenever they emerge. Governments, labour, the not-for-profit sector, academia and the private sector need to rethink and realign their roles and actions to build a competitive, globally oriented economy.

The Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Council has identified five key areas to focus on in order to strengthen Ontario’s economy and create good, sustainable jobs: export activity, productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship, skills and training, and regulation. Particularly noteworthy is the Council’s critical assessment of Ontario’s workforce training and educational system. The report emphasizes Ontario’s failure to produce an adequate supply of qualified workers required to apply the latest technological advancements. This is a causal factor that underpins the 25 per cent ‘productivity gap’ between Ontario workers and those in United States.

The report concludes with a list of 14 recommendations, accompanied by the leadership roles required to drive action. As a non-partisan advisory group, these recommendations are balanced and logical in their overall approach. Whether or not any of these recommendations will achieve any real traction remains to be seen…

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