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Trade School

/ October 9, 2012

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Trade School

Trade School Toronto is a cool creative idea.  It’s not a situation where you enroll and pay money to learn a new trade, but rather it runs on a barter system.

I recently heard about this new alternative and volunteer learning centre and thought I’d take a look at their website.   It works by someone stepping forward and proposing to teach a course.  Some of the current courses being offered include how to ride a motorcyle, learning reflexology massage, and how to take digital photography.  Instead of students paying to take these courses, they barter their services.  For example, I might want to take the motorcycle riding lessons, and in exchange I offer the instructor some kiteboarding lessons.  Someone else might own a music store and offer free guitar lessons.   Or maybe a bulk food store owner can pay with free food or candies.  The instructor decides whether they wish to accept a student into their course based on what can be bartered.

This concept is awesome because it doesn’t rely on one’s ability to pay.  Forget trying to sell your old guitar on Kijiji to afford french lessons.  Maybe your teacher will take it!

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