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Review: “UnMarketing”

/ September 1, 2012 /

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If you have used Twitter for a while you have probably come across social media guru Scott Stratten. Stratten regularly shares social media and relationship marketing (or what he calls “unmarketing”) advice on Twitter, on his blog, and through his role as President of Un-Marketing, a viral and social media “UnAgency” in Toronto. While he can come across as blunt and unorthodox at times,  Stratten’s advice on social media and marketing is often insightful, which is why we were excited to hear about his recently released book “UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging”.

UnMarketingThroughout the book, Stratten focuses on how to engage with your audience using social media and relationship marketing. He gives a number of examples of companies who have been successful in adopting these unmarketing activities, as well as those who are examples of how not to do it. “UnMarketing” covers a wide (at times scattered) range of marketing and social media topics in deceptively simple bite-sized chunks, such as his list of the seven deadly social media sins. Stratten’s writing is often humorous (keep an eye out for his amusing footnotes) and always honest, even about his own failures with unmarketing. Overall, his book is a refreshing and easy read.

UnMarketing is a useful resource for those with a basic understanding of social media or those who might have a better understanding but are looking for some fresh perspectives on how these tools can be used to build relationships. While it is aimed largely at small to medium sized companies, there are enough thought-provoking arguments and actionable tips in “UnMarketing” to make it a worthwhile read for anyone involved in social media marketing or advising small businesses on marketing issues.

2 responses to “Review: “UnMarketing””

  1. Kerri King says:

    Great article Tarryn! I met Scott Stratten earlier this year, and agree that while his ideas are often unconventional, he is right! I look forward to readying his new book. Thanks for the Review.