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Economic Development

People-oriented cities: Mixed-use development creates social and economic benefits

A new Sustainable Cities Collective post by TheCityFix – produced by EMBARQ explores the economic and social benefits of compact, mixed-use developments in cities as part of a series on More...

Community and Social Development

Toronto’s mixed-use boom coming to a ‘hood near you

Toronto’s mixed-use boom coming to a ‘hood near you

International Development

South Africa education gets e-learning digital makeover

Sean Robson at BBC News takes a look at how some publishers are trying to reach young audiences in South Africa through digital content and other e-learning initiatives More...

Business Support
Workforce Development

How to attract top tech talent in the middle of nowhere

Imriel Morgan at The Huffington Post takes a look at how companies can attract top tech talent to their area when they’re not located in a major More...

Cultural Development
Green Economy

Here’s how the world’s biggest cities are tackling climate change

With the recent stall of the international climate change discussion, Ariel Schwartz at Fast Company discusses how some of the world’s largest cities are handling the More...

Technology and Innovation
Policy and Research

Value of college? For millennials, $17,500 a year

Allison Linn at NBC News covers a new report from the Pew Research Center on the earnings gap between young high school- and college-educated workers. According to More...