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Economic Development

Industrial Jobs Pay 200% More Than U.S. Minimum Wage.

Income inequality has dominated political discussions in recent weeks, with efforts to raise the federal minimum wage gaining momentum. America’s inner cities, with 2 million More...

Community and Social Development

Toronto’s mixed-use boom coming to a ‘hood near you

Toronto’s mixed-use boom coming to a ‘hood near you

International Development
Business Support

Getting your community noticed: Do your homework

At this year’s annual conference organized by the Economic Developers’ Council of Ontario (EDCO), Norfolk County was asked to speak on a panel of communities More...

Workforce Development

Indisputable evidence that millennials have it worse than any generation in 50 years

A new Pew report, “The Rising Cost of Not Going to College”, has underscored a number of concerning trends around education, unemployment and wages for millennials. According to More...

Cultural Development

Fourth Pillar of Sustainability

Culture and Sustainability The notion of culture as the ‘fourth pillar’ of sustainability has been part of the cultural planning and policy landscape for many More...

Green Economy

Here’s how the world’s biggest cities are tackling climate change

With the recent stall of the international climate change discussion, Ariel Schwartz at Fast Company discusses how some of the world’s largest cities are handling the More...

Technology and Innovation

Bridging the digital divide in Rio de Janeiro

Recently I was invited to Pirai, Brazil, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro to participate as a speaker at TEDx Pirai to talk about More...

Policy and Research

Value of college? For millennials, $17,500 a year

Allison Linn at NBC News covers a new report from the Pew Research Center on the earnings gap between young high school- and college-educated workers. According to More...